USIT e-Learners Group

(T E N T A T I V E)

(Your feedback requested)

Here’s a possible organization and execution plan for a USIT self-learners web page*. Your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

· Participants register with their name, city, country, and email address. This information would be shared with all other registrants to help create a classroom-like atmosphere with everyone on a first-name basis.

· Participants submit questions for discussion. These usually would be directed to the e-Learners instructor, although they might be asked of other class members.

· Some class materials could be supplied on the web page; e.g., an updated USIT flow chart.

· Textbooks might be made available to students at a discount.

If you are interested in this concept please send me a note ( along with your suggestions and comments.

* If executed as a web page, it presumably will have participants sharing in discussions. This would make “self” of self-learners a bit of a misnomer, so I’ve dropped it in the title.

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