. Overviews:

Half-day and one-day on-site USIT overview presentations including demonstration of problem solving using USIT.

. Instruction.

Three-day on-site USITcourses.

(10 - 14 students)

Learn the USIT methodology and test your ability to analyze your own problems using USIT (see Syllabus). Real-world corporate problems are addressed in these classes to give meaningful experience quickly (this limits class size).

. In-House Trainers.

In-house USIT trainers for your own organization.

Ntelleck can assist in the development of your own technologits as your corporation's in-house USIT trainers.

.A Corporate USIT Team.

Establish your own in-house USIT Team (similar to the Ford Motor Company team experience) with as few as two or three USIT practitioners. Such a team can move with agility from fire-fight to fire-fight as well as conduct in-depth, structured problem solving sessions. In the process, they frequently produce patent disclosures.

.USIT Users Group.

Ntelleck can assist development of an in-house USIT-Users Group to solve company problems while extending regular support to corporate technologists learning USIT.

. Follow-up Reviews.

One- or two-day USIT review sessions for recent trainees who would benefit from assisted in-depth analyses.

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