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Unified Structured Inventive Thinking How to Invent




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1. Unified Structured Inventive Thinking an Overview


A.      A.      Translated into Japanese by Professor Keishi Kawamo (retired
Professor of Shibaura  Institute of Technology), Professor Shigeomi
(Associate Professor of Shizuoka Science and  Technology
University), and Professor Toru Nakagawa (Professor of Osaka Gakuin
University), Japan


B.     B.     Translated into Spanish by Juan Carlos Nishiyama and Carlos Eduardo Requena, UTN FRGP, General Pacheco, Argentina




2. Heuristics for Solving Technical Problems Theory, Derivation, Application






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U-SIT And Think News Letter xx is a 3-5 page publication of mixed topics that include mini-lectures on problem solving, demonstrations of tools and techniques for USIT-type problem solving, classroom discussions, and related topics. (30+ newsletters have been published in 2004. Back issues are available by email request of registered readers.)


Spanish translations of Mini-Lectures from USIT NewsLetters

Translations by: Juan Carlos Nishiyama and Carlos Edwardo Requena
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1.      Injecting Creative Thinking Into Product Flow

2.      Problem Statement

3.      Metaphorical Observations