Worldwide feedback from USIT students, including independent students (see below), workshop attendees, web site visitors, seminar attendees, technical problem solvers and various thoughtful individuals in management bring a variety of pleasant comments. To display all of these here, even though unsolicited, would be borlingly self serving. But please allow, if you will, and occassional selection that has unusual content of general interest.

I. I read your book several years ago while attending graduate studies at USC. It was in the library and very intriguing. The concept of structured problem solving, as opposed to brainstorming, appeals to me, and I have informally used the particles method in following some of the examples in the book. I'd like to start using it here, mostly in machinery-related issues. I think it would be a good fit when coupled with root-cause analysis. You have a problem, you determine the root cause, then you correct it.

Unfortunately, it seems that "brainstorming" sessions are all to often the normal way we go about problem solving. I attempt to (tactfully) educate those around me on the pitfalls of this approach, but with the current culture, investing in learning about structured problem solving is not viewed as valuable, when compared to project management and execution skills, leadership development (for the lucky few, that is), and other corporate fads that pervade this industry.

Being somewhat of a younger person (age 31, but with 10 years in theCompany), I'd like to change as much as I can. Let me think about the best person in the organization who you can contact about this. In the meantime, I will get your book (I am going to order it today!) and use it in my job, and start publicizing its successes, just to get it into people's minds.

Don Mrla, PE
Machinery Reliability Engineer
El Segundo, CA

Uptade: Don Mrla now has a personal copy of the book and is using it in his work.

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