Heuristic Innovation – Engaging Both Brain Hemispheres In Rapidly Solving Technical Problems For Multiple Solution Concepts


This “HI” textbook is an extension of USIT for greater speed and creativity by those who are practiced in the fundamentals of USIT. Basic definitions of USIT, their application, and ways of thinking about them are taken directly form USIT. The USIT practitioner who understands the structure of USIT is weaned from dependence on that structure in favor of more efficient practice that focuses almost entirely on problem definition, a la USIT. Flow-chart tedium is deprecated. The process uses no flow chart but instead iteratively develops the problem definition in ever deepening detail and understanding. Creativity is expressed through the practice of accomodating both brain hemispheres in developing problem definition and in finding solution concepts. Multiple heuristics are used in many ways. So important are these devices that a section is devoted to their generification and derivation from six fundamental axioms of problem solving.        Click to view Table of Contents